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Perfect for just about every long trip you can imagine, not only do we offer you a top of the line MCI J4500 coach bus with plenty of room and comfort for all of your guests with overhead storage, under carriage storage for equipment and or suitcases or anything else you need stored for when you arrive wherever you are heading, but also a world class chauffeur or chauffeurs (for very long trips) to get you all to your destination and back completely safe and sound.

A sleek and stunning exterior - Limousine Boulder

MCI J4500 Coach Bus

Not only is the bus visually a work of art but it's also a complete masterpiece of engineering from top to bottom, from all the patented technology that they invented to build this massive charter bus that you will never think about in your extremely comfortly seat.

Plush reclining seats for every passenger - Limousine Boulder
Plush leather high backed reclining seats
Electrical outlets and USB charging at each seat
Windows with dark limo tint for your privacy
Tiered seats for the best possible view for all
Patented curved steps for easy entry - Limousine Boulder
Curved staircase for an easy entrance
Powerful climate controls to keep everyone happy
Wheelchair accessible, this bus is ADA Compliant
A built in lavatory to help out on long trips
Giant windows for a great view around the entire cabin
Huge windows for beautiful panoramic views
Overhead storage for the passengers essentials
Stereo system and HDTV with headphone jacks
Tons of storage room in the undercarriage
Framework showing the undercarriage storage and study design

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This is one of the biggest vehicles on the road and it books up months in advance!

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In selecting which charter bus to purchase to best serve our customers we here at Limousine Boulder had to do a lot of extensive research, as you can imagine this is an expensive you don't take lightly. But when all the detailed research was complete it was clear to us the MCI J4500 was the perfect choice for Boulder and all of the roads throughout Colorado, this model has been completely revamped from all previous versions similar to what many other companies are still selling, not only does this one look absolutely stunning inside and out but it has some of the fanciest cutting edge features, both for passenger comfort and also overall safety. They have a high tech patented steering and control system in addition to a new completely redesigned chauffeur cockpit, along with a suspension system that offers a smooth enjoyable ride without sacrificing top of the line handling.

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